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Computer Service

  • Diagnostic: Our cumputer repair technicians have many years of hands on experience with troubleshooting computer related issue using the latest technology. We are quich to find the problem and easy on you finances.


  • Outlook Problems: We are experienced in the latest versions of MS Outlook and can help you if your experiencing errors with sending or receiving e-mails,freezing or just need to transfer e-mails to new computer.


  • Internet Sharing: Why limit yourself to internet on one PC.  We can wire your place to share DSL on all your computers in the house or business.  we can even do it wirelessly to eliminate clutter of wires.
  • Replace Bad Parts: We use only top of the line parts for our repairs. We offer full replacement warranty on all new parts we sell or install. We guarantee all our computer repairs and services.


  • Upgrades: Don't go out and spend thousands on a new computer until you check with us first. Chances are we can save you money by upgrading your existing computer. Adding more memory could really help speed things up for you. We can come and install it for you.


  • Backup Solutions: We can install internal or external backup units for your existing computers or network. Don't wait until your computer crashes until you call us to recover your data. In no time we can have a experienced computer technician on site at your location to back up your files.


  • Recover Data: We have the technology to recover datafrom crashed or re-formatted hard drives. Call us before you spend thousands somewhere else. We have saved some of our clients from having to close down because we recovered there important files.


  • Setup A New Computer System:As soon as your computer arrives just leave it in the box and give us a call. We will come out and completely setup your new computer, including yourprinter, scanner, camera, palm pilot etc and transfer your old files to your new computer. We can also train you and/or your company how to use the new equipment.


  • Tune-Up: Just like your automobile your computer should be tuned up a couple times a year. We can clean out those temp files to free up disk space. Clean-up your computer start-up programs to help it boot faster and run more efficiently.


  • Computer Freezing - We provide computer clean-up/tune-up services just like your auto to keep you up and running.


  • Running Sluggish - We provide spyware removal which is the leading cause of computer and internet slowing. Beware of phony programs which claim to remove what they actually are spyware.


  • Hard Drive Clicking -  We can replace or upgrade your hard drive complete with data backup. Please call us as soon as you notice a weird noise coming form your  PC, because early detection is the key to data loss prevention. 


  • Email Issues - unable to send or receive emails? Our technicians are experienced in troubleshooting most major email programs. We'll have your email system up and running in no time.


  • No Power - Nothing happens when power button is pushed our technicians can test your power supply and replace if necessary, (If not standard p.s. can order). 


  • Unable To Print - If your having problems connecting to a local or network printer we can troubleshoot the problem for your. If it's a local printer try to add and remove it first.


  • No Internet - We are experienced in setup and troubleshooting all major ISP's, Were not reading from a book when you call us. Our technicians have already learned from hands on experience.


  • Computer Virus - We are experienced at removing viruses and spyware with out worry of data loss. We can install the most proficient protection available.


  • Shuts Off On Own - We can install extra fans if necessary, sometimes you might need to add a little heat-sink compound to help cool CPU.


  • Win XP Loop -  When you turn computer on and everything seem to be going ok until O/S begins to load, halfway through the computer restarts by itself and repeats this process until you turn it off manually.


  • Blue Screen Of Death -  a popular name for the screen displayed by Microsoft's Windows operating system when it cannot recover from, or is in danger of being unable to recover from, a system error. (Windows NT 4/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7)


  • Unable To Share Files - Many different factors can attribute to this problem. Check to see if a firewall might be the problem. If not give us a call to help you troubleshoot this issue.